March 31, 2010

Put Some Spring in Your Step!

Some of us are going to have fun drawing a Spring themed drawing.
So join in if you're feeling it. :)

And also, V-Rü suggested another one, which i find too good to pass...

Someone being really happy eating a pie

Quelqu'un de très heureux en train de manger une tarte. 

So up to you, you can go at it how ever you want.

Here's a little video i though was quite inspirationnal...for me anyways. haha.
And i just love danse, and Claire Danes, and Patrick Wilson. So it's a happy mix!


  1. Hi, just wondering if and how I can become involved in contributing to your site? I love the concept, and would love to be a part of this lovely community!
    Thanks, Sara.

  2. Hey, i like your blog. :)
    just give me an email i can reach you at, and i'll invite you in through blogger.