February 21, 2010

February 15, 2010

Love Love

Happy Valentine's friends....


February 13, 2010

Pin up de l'amourrrr !

Comme je n'ai pas le temps de faire quelque chose de nouveau pour le blog à cause de mes millions de devoirs, voici ma pin up de la St-Valentin :)

La St-Val.

Moi au lieu de travailler, c’est ça que j’fais.

Bonne St-Val.

moi aussi un vieux dessin de stvalentin

J'ai trouvé un dessin de st-valentin que j'avais envoyé à ma blonde quand j'étais à Milan.
La recette j'vais finir par la poster... un jour. J'ai sketché pas mal de truc, mes thumbnails sont fait, il me manque juste le temps de faire ça beau et propre!

February 09, 2010

Be mine valentine

My little contribution to the approaching holiday! I wish I'd had more time to try out the recipe theme, maybe next time :)
Happy Valentines day for sunday

Love, rache x

February 08, 2010


Bonjour all of you.
I was just thinking, if anybody happens to have cute valentine/romantic art around, it would be cute to see some around here. It doesnt have to be new or made especially for the blog.
+ It might be inspirationnal-some to look at romantic art!

I know we're all busy....i am too. I feel sorry not to have done the recipe...but i'll be better in the next themes!

I hope you are all doing well.
I cannot wait to see some of you for V-day cocktail party saterday, and i blow kisses to all of you who arent montrealers, and therefore i wont see...


Something i drew when i had just met Joel <3