February 08, 2010


Bonjour all of you.
I was just thinking, if anybody happens to have cute valentine/romantic art around, it would be cute to see some around here. It doesnt have to be new or made especially for the blog.
+ It might be inspirationnal-some to look at romantic art!

I know we're all busy....i am too. I feel sorry not to have done the recipe...but i'll be better in the next themes!

I hope you are all doing well.
I cannot wait to see some of you for V-day cocktail party saterday, and i blow kisses to all of you who arent montrealers, and therefore i wont see...


Something i drew when i had just met Joel <3


  1. Ooh this is lovely!
    Happy v day!

  2. Aaaw it's really cute! I didn't have time for the recipe either, but I will do my best to post a valentine's day card!